Video Marketing using Animation

When you see the word animation, your first thoughts are probably going to be memories of cartoons you watched as a kid…..and there’s nothing wrong with that, but thinking about it as a marketing tool might produce other ideas.

Businesses today need a strong online presence, and customers are going to be more likely than not to stay interested in your website with high impact, visual information, rather than by trawling through endless pages of text, or watching someone drone on and on about their particular product or service.

As a concept, animation used for video marketing is being more and more widely used to promote different aspects, and key target areas of a business.


Why is animation a good marketing tool?

Animation is attention grabbing. It keeps the potential customer interested, especially if there is a slight hint at humour in the message. It can also cut down on the amount of time a customer needs to browse for your particular product because more often than not, a customer might be more likely to want to deal with you, because you made them laugh, or because they like the fun aspect of your marketing methods.

Customers may also appreciate the fact that your business concept has been made easier and quicker to understand than your rivals’ websites do….. and why stop at just one? Use them to encourage a more thorough browse through the whole of your website.

When considering using animation you can keep things as simple or as complex as you need to, and it’s a fantastic way of introducing your key selling points to the consumer.

For those businesses who need to promote a slightly more complex idea, animation is perfect, as it allows the viewer to grasp ideas easier and quicker, and because it’s in carton form it will make that ever desirable lasting first impression.

How can I market my business better using animation?

One consideration is to make your video interactive, so that at key points, a customer is asked a question that builds more desire for your particular product or service. Introducing a form to fill in, or an aspect that requires action from the customer at these key points, can also make your website more productive.

How will all of this help my web presence?

On the other side of the coin, the use of animation for marketing purposes helps with SEO rankings because of the range of unique website content that is possible to utilise through animation.

Posting your animation on You Tube will drive traffic to your website, adding further interest to your internet presence.

It’s also possible to include tracking processes to your website to analyse which keywords are working, and to highlight other key information you may need or find helpful in your marketing practices.

Finally, enabling your video to be embedded into other websites also increases your potential for inbound links to your own, thus creating more power to your web presence.

So all in all, animation is becoming increasingly wide spread for business marketing, commanding high levels of traffic and getting you noticed.

What business can afford to be without that?

For more information on how you business can benefit from video marketing visit


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